Valley Mounted Volunteers Inc.

About Us

We are a non profit, volunteer group of horse riders and non riders based in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin, looking to give back to our communities through our willingness to aid and assist in the search of lost or missing persons or help the local authorities in any way. 

We are a group of approximately 30 members, many of which are CPR, First Aid, SAR TEC and ICS Certified. Members are spread across Outagamie, Calumet, Waupaca and Dodge counties in Wisconsin.  

As a dedicated ground crew is a valuable asset to our organization, Non riders are encouraged to join as well.

Mission Statement

To aid and assist local and county officials; 
To provide search and rescue efforts; 
To aid and assist in general public safety in area communities; 
To encourage participation in group activities, for both members and nonmembers; 
To provide training for horse and rider, and ground crew, to ensure overall safety of members and community.

Membership is open to any person over 18 years of age interested in the goals and objectives of this organization. 

Members shall be admitted to the organization upon submission of an application form, background check, and review. 

Members with horses must satisfactorily complete certification yearly or prior to being on search.

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Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.

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Location: Appleton and surrounding areas in Wisconsin | 920-810-5293