Valley Mounted Volunteers Inc.

Membership Guidelines

A Prospective New Member must be 18 years of age.

A Prospective New Member shall attend (1) monthly meeting, complete a membership application form, and must pass a background check before becoming a member.

A Prospective New Member must certify their horse and themselves prior to riding with VMV, Inc. 

Rider and horse must be certified annually.

Standing members must fill out a member application annually to keep VMV, Inc. records up to date.

Required tack: halter with minimum 10-foot lead, bridle, and saddle. 

Two to three judges will be designated and will evaluate each horse/rider team. 

It will be at discretion of any VMV, Inc. Board Member in attendance to remove any horse they feel does not meet necessary guidelines.

A horse and rider will be removed from an event if:   

     the horse is lame, seriously ill, disabled, or seriously injured

     the rider loses control of the horse

     the horse shows any behavior potentially dangerous to others

      the rider shows a lack of adequate balance and control while riding and handling the horse 

      the rider refuses or is unable to follow guidelines

Members must attend a minimum of 5 meetings and 2 activities per year.

Members will be offered CPR - First Aid training, although it is not required.

Each VMV, Inc. member assumes sole responsibility for his/her self, equipment/gear, and horse(s).

Following every search and rescue situation, all members who participated are required to meet for a debriefing session.

A VMV, Inc. horse is to be in sound physical condition and at least 4 years of age.

Annual proof of negative Coggins is required. 

Stallions are prohibited.

Officers or Board Members will have the authority to remove horse(s) from any VMV Inc. function other than training sessions or practices.

ICS 100, 200 and 700 must be completed and passed before going on a search.

Any questions regarding Membership Guidelines please visit the Contact Us page.