Valley Mounted Volunteers Inc.

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In order to get a horse and rider search and rescue certified, the horse must be:

1.    At least 4 years old, no stallions and no colts.
2.    In sound physical condition
3.    Able to be under control for mount and dismount from either side. Rider must mount from the ground. 
       Mounting aids (example: small step stool on a string that is then carried with horse/rider) are acceptable.
4.    Able to stand quietly as rider puts on slicker, reads a map, or passes
5.    Able to stand quietly while rider holds another horse.
6.    Able to stand quietly while tied.
7.    Willing to readily accept carrying a survival pack.
8.    Willing to cross a bridge and RR tracks.
9.    Willing to cross water readily.
10.  Able to pony another horse and be ponied.
11.  Willing to accept motorbikes, 4 wheelers, backpackers, llamas, tents, bicycles, and loud noises such as police
        sirens & helicopters.
12.   Able to load & unload in trailer easily
13.   Under riders control while riding with a group of horses at all gaits.
14.   Able to lead well over difficult terrain and obstacles.
15.   Willing to leave a group of horses and return while remaining under control.
16.   Able to allow other horses to move ahead at a more rapid rate while remaining under control of the rider.
17.   Willing to be under control while other horses leave.
18.   Able to climb and descend a steep grade with the rider.
19.   Able to side pass in both directions (not required, but encouraged)
20.   Able to drag a weighted object such as a tree branch or a tire, across the arena and back, with a rope.
21.   Able to back readily.
22.   Able to negotiate a small brush jump or log between 12” to 18” high.
23.   Able to remain under control and tolerate obstacles such as balls, balloons, flags, and streamers and flares.
24.   Able to remain under control around gunshots and firecrackers.
25.   Able to move on forehand and hind end (required by 2019)

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